The Murders of Lillian Ross

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When true crime author Allison McKinnon is offered the chance to capture the untold story of Lillian Ross, a convicted double murderer, she is sure it’s the story of her career. Little does she know that Lillian’s story mirrors traumatic events from her own life and she is left wondering if her path will lead to the same inevitable conclusion.

Lillian Ross, a woman born into a wealthy family, is on Death Row, sentenced to death for murder. After years of silence, she has chosen Allison to write her story. Together, the women explore Lillian’s troubled past to reveal the shocking truth behind her motives and the murders she committed.

As Lillian’s story unfolds, Allison feels a bond building with the enigmatic woman and begins to see parallels in her own life, which leaves her questioning her own choices between surviving childhood abuse or being pulled down by her own painful memories.

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Stephanie Elizabeth

Four out of four stars—for outstanding character development and an enthralling storyline.

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